Starbucks Partner Hours App: Login Information, QR Code Scanning

For the smooth working of Starbucks partners, the Sbux management has developed the Starbucks partner hours app. You can use this app to track your working hours, shifting hours, and time-off requests which otherwise can be challenging to follow. 

Starbucks Partner Hours App

Everything about your working as an SBUX partner is available just one touch apart. Partners can also see the upcoming updates, Sbux benefits, and partner resources.

This app provides viable benefits and solutions not only for Starbucks partners but also for customers. Customers can install and use it for upcoming discounts and online ordering of all available Starbucks items. 

What is Starbucks Partner Hours App?

Starbucks Partner Hours app

Starbucks partner hours app is an application made solely for the use of Starbucks team members. Sbux partners, team members, managers, and customers can use this app to access real-time data. 

It is available for both Apple and Android smart devices. Starbucks employees can access all information about their working schedule using this app.

They can see their working schedules, keep track of working hours and apply for request time off. It is an efficient tool that provides all the necessary details to Sbux team members in their comfort zone.

How To Download The Starbucks Partner Hours App

Downloading the Starbucks partner hours app works just like a walkover. You don’t need to die with any technicalities to download Starbucks app. However, you must have an Android or smartphone to use this app. 

1. Go to your mobile’s Apple or Android store Or install it by clicking the Starbucks partner hours mobile app link below.

2. Type “Starbucks partner hours app ” in the search bar.”

3. Next, install the top app on your phone screen. 

4. Once, App is installed on your mobile, you need to log in to that app.

Sbux Partenr Hours App Login

  1. Open the app, and you will see an interface that needs login details.
  2. Now fill in the login details using the Sbux partner username and password.
  3. If you forget your username or password, click “Create New Partner Number/Username” or “Forgot password” on the partner hours Starbucks login page. Next, you must follow said requirements and steps to get new login details.

Navigating The Starbucks Partner Hours App

The Sbux app has a user-friendly interface where you can navigate quickly and get all the upcoming updates.

This app can help Starbucks partners in the following;

  1. You can view your earning history and get details about pay stubs.
  2. You can request time off from your comfort zone and swap schedule with your fellow partners.
  3. This app also helps you clock in and out of your shifting hours.
  4. You can talk to your team members and managers of your branch.

Login Starbucks Schedule App Using The Starbucks Partner Hours App Qr Code.

You can also download partner hours by scanning the QR code for the app using your mobile. 

Follow this easy guide to get the Sbux app on your mobile through a QR code.

  1. Navigate to the official authenticator website of the Starbucks schedule app.
  2. On-screen, you will see a QR code at the bottom. Scan that QR code by using a two-factor authentication app.
  3. Now open SecureAuth Authenticate on your mobile. Click the “plus” icon on the top left side and tap “connect with Qr code.”
  4. Start scanning that code using your mobile.
  5. You will see a passcode on your mobile phone.
  6. Fill in that passcode on your computer screen to complete the application configuration.
  7. Click on enable on the computer and finish on the phone.

Starbucks Partner Hours Details

Feature Description
AppStarbucks Partner Hours
AvailabilityAndroid, IOS
PurposeAllows Starbucks employees to view and redeem Partner Hours discounts
Starbucks Partner Hours app

Starbucks Partner Hours Not Working

As a common issue of many high-traffic sites, you may have to face the problem of the Starbucks partner hours app not working.

It can be due to 3 issues.

  • Forget password
  • Login issues
  • Website is down

Starbucks Partner Hours Password Reset For Starbucks Employee Hours App

As a possibility of human error, you may forget the password just like we all do. If that is the case, there is nothing to worry about. You can reset your password for the Sbux app anytime, as we change the passcode of our social media accounts. 

Stop crushing your head to remember the password and follow these steps to login back on your partner hours account. 

  • Click on the box official website link.
  • You will see a login page on your screen
  • Tap on the “forgot password” button.
  • Put your email linked with your Starbucks account.
  • Click “reset password.”
  • Open your Gmail and copy the passcode sent by the partner hours app. It may be a link too.
  • Paste that passcode on the web portal or click the password reset link.
  • Enter your new password. 
  • Confirm your new password by entering.
  • Congratulations! Your password has been updated. Now you can log in to Sbux, my partner hours app.

Starbucks Partner Hours App Troubleshooting

You may be using an outdated or an old version of the Starbucks app. In that case, the older version stops responding, and you get trouble logging in to my partner hours app.

The solution is simple for that.

You have to uninstall the previous version and reinstall the latest version for Starbucks’ hour’s login efficiency.

Partner Hours Starbucks App Login Issues

  • If the issue for the Sbux app login is still persistent, you can try the following measures. 
  • Clear cache on your mobile: Go to mobile setting> Click on Starbucks app> and select the “clear cache” option. You can do the same for your web portal login. Clearing extra cookies and cache data helps you with login issues.
  • Double-check your credentials before logging in.
  • If the issue still needs to be resolved, you can contact the Starbucks help desk for a better suggestion or any technical details.

Partner hours Starbucks contact information given by Starbucks Partner Enterprise Help Desk.

North America: 1-888-SBUX411 (1-888-728-9411)


UK (Non-Retail): 0800 731 7884

France: 0805 543 059

Netherlands: 0800 228 8017

Germany: 0800 00 06 837

Switzerland: 0800 834 874

Austria: 0800 909 578

Italy: 0800 130 339

Farmers Support Centers: 0207 13 65 165

Hong Kong: (852) 5409-3001

Nationwide: 400 628 7289

Also, check out the official guide to Starbucks partner hours login issues by clicking the button below.

Eligibility For Sbux Partner Hours App   Https://Starbuckpartnerhour.Com/

  • You must be an employee at Starbucks to be eligible for the Sbux partner hours app login. You will only be able to benefit through partial functionality.
  • Starbucks also offers some facilities to its customers and shareholders, but the app’s functionality can be different.
  • You must have strong wifi or an internet connection compatible with the registered HTTPS of Starbucks.
  • You must understand the proper use of the Starbucks app, language, technical functionalities, and other imputations.
  • Remember your registered email and password for Starbucks partner hours login information.

What Are Starbucks Partner Benefits Of Using The Sbux Partner Hours App

Starbucks offers its partners (employees) several benefits through the Starbucks Partner Hours app. Here are some potential benefits provided by the app:

Scheduling and Shift Management: The Partner Hours app lets partners view and manage their work schedules. They can check their upcoming shifts, request time off, and even swap shifts with other partners, making it easier to manage their work-life balance.

Real-Time Updates: Partners can receive real-time updates regarding their schedules, shift changes, and any important announcements from the management. This helps them stay informed and up-to-date with the latest information.

Timekeeping and Payroll: The app enables partners to track their working hours and record their time punches accurately. It provides a convenient way to monitor attendance and ensure accurate work payment.

Partner Discounts: Starbucks partners often receive discounts on food, beverages, and merchandise at Starbucks stores. The Partner Hours app may provide access to special partner-specific deals or promotions, allowing partners to save money on purchases such as free coffee or team during working hours.

Communication and Resources: The app may serve as a communication platform for partners, facilitating effective and efficient communication between team members and management. It can also provide access to essential resources such as training materials, company policies, and benefits information.

Financial and health benefits: Sbux partners get paid holidays through the Starbucks partner hours app. They get financial security on retirement, including a 401 (k) plan according to company policies. Partners can access ree areas and locker rooms to spend their free time comfortably. Furthermore, the company facilitates its workers with mental and physical health insurance to maintain long-term benefits.

Training and Development: The app provides resources and training materials to help partners enhance their skills and knowledge.


This Starbucks partner hours app is not more than a blessing for Sbux partners as it helps them quickly access of all resources. The app’s user-friendly interface and intuitive features have greatly simplified the scheduling process. Reducing administrative burdens and allowing partners to focus more on delivering exceptional customer service

It is free for Starbucks partners. Users can also use this through the official login portal of the company. You can see more details about the app on this page. 

Is the Starbucks helpful app?

The Starbucks app is handy as it provides real-time access to all the Sbux data and resources. 

Does the Starbucks partner hours app work for rewards with partners?

Yes, the Starbucks app works for rewards with partners, as all the data about upcoming prizes is available there. Not only this, by installing the app, you also benefit through special discounts and promo codes.